October 23, 2020

Urban Legend (1998)

This week, Rob and guest, Victoria Hall, discuss the 1998 slasher, Urban Legend. This 90's piece of horror nostalgia stars Jared Leto & Alicia Witt and features horror legends Robert Englund, Danielle Harris, and Brad Dourif in supporting roles. Full of creative kills and an amazing opening scene, Urban Legend is an underrated horror gem that still holds up after 22 years.

Interested in knowing more about Urban Legends? Here are two books to get you started.

The Vanishing Hitchhiker: American Urban Legends and Their Meanings

The Big Book of Urban Legends

Let's be honest, a lot of horror sequels suck...

Here are 10 that don't.


Guest host, Victoria Hall joins Rob this week to discuss Ti West's 'The House of the Devil'.

As always, there will be spoilers...ALL of the spoilers.



So for this week I wanted to try something different. Let me know what you think and if you'd like more of these list style episodes in the future.

Also, yes this list does contain a lot of films that have been covered on the podcast in years past, but we've got over 100 episodes so it happens...

September 26, 2020

The Invisible Man (2020)

This one was a pleasant surprise and a great take on 'The Invisible Man' story.

Just like with 2018's 'Upgrade', Leigh Whannell is able to take a small budget and make the absolute most out of it.

Also, Elizabeth Moss is the best...just the best

As always, there will be a ton of spoilers, so make sure to watch the film first. At the time of recording, you can SEE 'The Invisible Man' on HBOMAX or rent it via various digital platforms.


September 19, 2020

I Am a Ghost

This week we are taking a look at the micro-budget indie horror 'I Am a Ghost' directed by H.P. Mendoza. While it is a slow burn and definitely not for everyone, it is a personal favorite and really showcases creativity and innovation on a limited budget. As usual, this entire episode contains spoilers, so check out the film ahead of time on either TubiTV.com or the Shudder Amazon App.

September 12, 2020

Sea Fever & The Beach House

We've got a double-dose of aquatic horror this week, as Rob takes a look at Sea Fever and The Beach House. There are things in the water...do not go into the water. Yes, it glows all pretty, but no, you shouldn't get near it, because it won't end well.

September 6, 2020

Color Out of Space

This week, Rob decides to check out the new Nic Cage cosmic horror film, Color Out of Space, on Shudder and it did not disappoint.

Make sure to watch the film before you listen, unless you're cool with spoilers, because there are a lot for this film.

August 30, 2020

The Final Girls

After a long hiatus, Oh! The Horror! is back. This week, Rob Holmes discusses the 2015 horror/comedy 'The Final Girls' and goes on multiple profanity-filled rants about the broken Hollywood studio system!

September 24, 2019

Terrifier (2016)

Do you like indie horror? Do you love practical effects? Are you a fan of over-the-top violence & gore? Time to meet Art the Clown! This week, Steve & Rob discuss Damien Leone's Terrifier, which has a sequel currently in production.

So see the film before you listen because, well, spoilers and all that...

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